Accipiter Solutions Inc. will provide its VIBE, or Visitor Interest Behavioral Targeting Engine, product to PostNewsweek Tech Media, a media company in the government technology community.

PostNewsweek will use VIBE to access and analyze visitor behavior information to create new online advertising opportunities. The media company has also selected AdBureau, Accipiter’s hosted industrial strength ad management platform to deliver their online advertising.

As a web-based application, VIBE will allow PostNewsweek to log visitor activity throughout its web sites. This data can be used in combination with other forms of customer information and registration data to deliver targeted promotions and content to PostNewsweek users.

“We were able to take our years of behavioral targeting experience and create a solution that delivers real value to customers like PostNewsweek,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of sales for Accipiter. “The industry support and momentum behind VIBE is truly growing–.”