LVL7 Systems, a provider of merchant IP technology, has released the FastPath 4000 platform, billed as the industry’ first stackable software product integrated with Broadcom StrataXGS.

As opposed to “fixed Ethernet,” stackable Ethernet allows more ports for users and applications on one switch instead of multiple switches. When switches are added, companies can still manage them with just one IP address, thus reducing management costs and incrementally increasing efficiency.

Over the past year, LVL7 has been developing new technology called FastPath Distributed Software Architecture, using Broadcom’s Application Programming Interface (API) and driver technology to partition stacking functionality between the silicon, driver and networking application. FastPath is being integrated with the latest generation of StrataXGS silicon from Broadcom, an Irvine, CA-based provider of Ethernet switching silicon solutions.

The FastPath 4000 is the first LVL7 software product family based on the company’s Distributed Software Architecture. It is combined with standard embedded operating systems and micro-processors, along with Broadcom’s advanced API and driver technology.

“With the FastPath 4000 Platform, LVL7 is delivering on its Ethernet/IP infrastructure vision of distributed intelligence across the edge of networks,” said LVL7 CEO Albert Bender. “OEMs can quickly and cost-effectively create products and applications, based on a dynamic network architecture that easily scales to address the ever-growing demand in complexity of user networks.”