In an upcoming Webinar, the Peopleclick Research Institute will discuss their initial analysis of the data in the 2000 Census and the resulting implications for affirmative action standards.

Peopleclick will focus on the Census 2000 Special Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) tabulations, which provide the basis for affirmative action compliance and diversity planning for an estimated 45,000 federal contractors.

Those participating in the Webinar, which is scheduled for March 31 from 2-3 PM, include Lisa Harpe, an industrial psychologist, and economist Murray Simpson, both of the Peopleclick Research Institute in Raleigh.

They will discuss new affirmative action compliance standards in 2005, legal and business implications for employers, discriminatory hiring claims and standards, and interesting changes since 1990…including women’s decreased share of executive management jobs and the growth of minority jobs in management.