A wide mix of companies will be competing for the top prizes in the “Five Ventures 2004” business plan competition, based on the final five companies picked by the judges.

The companies represent biotech, semiconductors, protective films, biomedical devices and even new types of lures for crabbing.

Mark S. Wdowik, executive director of the Office of Technology Transfer at UNC Charlotte, described the recent competition that cut the field to five from 10 firms as “long and grueling.”

The finalists competing for $5,000 in cash plus professional services are:

  • United Protective Technologies, which is focused on the military market with innovative new protective films for vehicles, aircraft, etc. The company is affiliated with UNC Charlotte

  • Shore Shedders, which has developed an innovative composite technology for artificial lures for soft shell crabbing. It is affiliated with Eastern Carolina University

  • MixSig Labs, which has developed a new semiconductor chip technology for improved wireless communications. The company is affiliated with UNC Charlotte

  • Triad Semiconductor, which is developing mixed signal processing solutions for biomedical applications. It is affiliated with Wake Forest University

  • Angiogen, which is a biotech start-up that is marketing a new drug “cocktail” to combat various forms of cancer. It is affiliated with Northwestern University
  • The final rounds of competition are set for April 7 at the Barnhardt Center on the UNC Charlotte Campus.

    The contest is co-sponsored by UNC Charlotte, the Business Innovation and Growth Council and the SBTDC office in Charlotte.

    For more information, visit: www.uncc.edu/ott/fiveventures