Internet Security Systems (ISS) says the company’s web content filtering technology has identified and stored the one-billionth Internet image, making the database the largest listing of kind in the world.

Customers use this database to block or control undesirable web content through ISS’ Proventia Web Filter software and Proventia content filtering and multi- function appliances.

The one-billionth image is an online rendering of the painting “Doris in Rot” by artist Liz Bayerlein of Bernkastel-Kues, Germany. The image, which depicts an unclothed woman lying on a couch in red undertones, was analyzed, cataloged and stored by ISS Web crawling technology as fine art instead of pornography.

“Proventia Web Filter blocks more unwanted Web content than any other technology available today and we are committed to providing our customers with the most effective Web filtering product in the world,” says Rene Seeber, ISS’ director of content security services. “The combination of ISS’ comprehensive database and automatic categorization process gives our customers a solution that is superior in terms of content accuracy and speed in keeping up with the Internet’s rapid evolution.”