ATLANTA –The Hiptop Communicator from Danger Inc. has been chosen the Winning Wireless Widget by CTIA Wireless 2004 attendees.

Marketed by T-Mobile as the Sidekick, the Hiptop Communicator features Internet access, email with attachment capabilities, instant messaging, complete organizer functions, gaming and shopping capabilities, digital camera, a keypad and much more.

“Congratulations are in order to Danger Inc. and the Hiptop Communicator,” said Steve Largent, president and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). “This is a great example of high-power wireless convergence – in one sleek gadget you have all the features and services that used to require multiple devices. We look forward to seeing more great products from this company.”

Attendees to CTIA Wireless 2004, which recently concluded in Atlanta, selected their favorite Wireless Widget by sending text messages to cast their ballots. The voting application was powered by Mobliss, a mobile media and infrastructure company.

CTIA Wireless 2004: