Internap has landed a deal with Boeing to provide part of the network the aircraft manufacturer is creating for delivery of high-speed Internet services to airliners while in flight called “Connexion by Boeing.”

Internap’s high-speed routing technology will be used to link satellite ground stations in the United States and Asia. The ground stations will tie in with satellites that provide broadband access to the aircraft.

Internap said its private network access points in Denver, Seattle and Tokyo will be part of the network.

“Having seamless connectivity between our international ground stations is critical to our customers’ service experience in flight and to the overall success of our business,” said Ed Laase, the director of system development for the Connexion service, in a statement. “Selecting a provider with an international footprint and experience in intelligent routing is critical, and having Internap on the Connexion team meets our business need in that regard.”

Boeing offers Connexion now in the United States and plans launch for trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights this spring.


Connexion by Boeing: