Global Software, a provider of real-time spreadsheet financial and enterprise data analytic tools, has signed on ADS Logistics of Homewood, IL, to use its Spreadsheet Server for BPCS and Executive DASH applications.

Global Software’s Spreadsheet Server converts familiar spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, into tightly integrated analytical tools for the iSeries BPCS financial system.

Executive DASH allows users to build dashboard type views of critical business data that can not only include core financial reports through standard the Spreadsheet Server, but can now retrieve other data stored in an iSeries system.

“Users are tired of software companies trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to their financial and enterprise reporting capabilities. That’s why our Spreadsheet Server and Executive DASH offerings have been accepted with open arms in the BPCST, J.D. Edwards and Infinium user communities worldwide–,” said Spencer Kupferman, vice president of corporate affairs for Global Software. “ADS Logistics — is no different in this regard…they wanted an environment that was familiar to their users, easy-to-use, implemented in minutes, and didn’t cost a fortune like other software packages in this space.”

Global Software: