COLUMBIA,HunterStone, a provider of eLearning and IT tools for Microsoft environments, has introduced Thesis Librarian, an application that stores and manages SCORM conformant learning content.

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and is an XML-based framework used to define and access information about learning objects so they can be shared among different management systems. It was developed in response to a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative to promote standardization in e-learning.

Hutner Stone, based in Columbia, SC, also has entered into five agreements with worldwide resellers to distribute Thesis, the company’s premier eLearning product line.

“Today’s announcements increase HunterStone’s product and distribution footprint and give content creators worldwide access to simple to use content authoring and management tools for development and organization of SCORM conformant eLearning objects,” said Neil Richards, president and CEO of HunterStone. “Thesis Librarian is a natural progression of our Thesis product line as it promotes collaboration among subject matter experts who have already used Thesis to convert Microsoft Office and web documents into standards-based media-rich learning content.”

Thesis Librarian is a web-enabled centralized repository of eLearning objects providing storage, accessibility and reusability of content. It allows authors to undertake web searches to find materials relevant to their training development needs.

These search results are compiled from metadata tags inputted into each learning object during the Thesis “Save as SCORM” process. Without requiring knowledge of underlying rules of SCORM, content experts worldwide who use the Thesis product line can regain control over their eLearning development cycle.

Through five reseller agreements, HunterStone is expanding its presence across the United States with Sales Resource Partners; into the UK and Ireland through Intellego Systems; across Spain with Glass Multimedia; into Germany with Media Freilingen GmbH and across the Netherlands with The Courseware Company.