austriamicrosystems has signed a development contract for the design and supply of an ultra-low power heart rate receiver integrated circuit (IC) with POLAR Electro, a producer of heart rate monitors (HRMs).

The IC will be integrated into a wristwatch that is part of a family of HRM products produced by POLAR. It will receive and process a coded heart rate signal that is wirelessly transmitted from the wearer’s chest belt.

“austriamicrosystems’ design expertise and comprehensive library of field-proven IP blocks, along with optimized low-power and high-voltage process technologies, enables us to meet the demanding system performance of healthcare applications,” said Matjaz Novak, marketing director at austriamicrosystems. “This agreement to provide POLAR with a dedicated IC solution for their family of HRM wristwatch products is a further milestone in our strategy to provide IC solutions to major players in our respective healthcare markets.”