Network computing firm Visara International has released its newest thin client product line, expanded to include units with Linux and XPe operating systems.

Thin clients are small devices that replace desktop and laptop computers for easy, low-cost access to the Internet and most applications.

The newest line of products is based upon Visara’s thin-client technologies, including resident emulations and optional native coax and twinax connectivity.

The Linux extended operating system provides support for Citrix ICA and X-Windows protocols, while the resident Netscape web browser supports Java Virtual Machine. The resident Linux operating system also supports full Adobe PDF viewing.

“Visara is excited to offer the expanded power and features of our new thin client line,” said David Turner, vice president sales and marketing for Visara. “–As we continue to listen to the needs of the marketplace, we will continue to expand our existing solutions to be the best and most affordable choices for the enterprise.”