HILLSBOROUGH, NC –Web software development firm SourceKit has released to the public its E-mail Manager Web Service, a new delivery and tracking service.

Until now, SourceKit E-mail Manager Web Service has been available only to select users, including managers of e-mail campaigns for four universities and one state board of tourism, and collectively they distribute tens of thousands of monthly e-mails, SourceKit Managing Partner Drew Adams said.

“The SourceKit e-mail delivery and tracking Web service API will allow companies to integrate the power and capabilities of our e-mail management system into their own applications instead taking on the time consuming and error prone alternative of adding those capabilities from the ground up,” Adams said. “Users of SourceKit’s E-mail Manager are immediately able to use the powerful personalization, profiling and management features that we offer.”

SourceKit’s E-Mail Manager Web service is implemented as a simple object access protocol service, also know as SOAP. Other customer relationship management systems can connect to SourceKit’s system using SOAP to schedule and deliver e-mail communications to their in-house databases in order to deliver messages, handle bouncebacks, and obtain reader statistics, Adams said.

“Our technology solution allows companies to develop and deploy new e-mail applications cost effectively,” he said.

SourkeKit: www.sourcekit.com