Tekelec says that Bharti Tele-Ventures has purchased the Eagle 5 SAS to enhance its signaling network in India.

Bharti, a large Indian telecom conglomerate and global system for mobile communications (GSM) service provider, offers cellular, long-distance, and broadband services in the country.

Tekelec says the multi-pair Eagle 5 system will help Bharti migrate from a meshed to a hierarchical network, improving network efficiencies and increasing capacity. It will provide signaling capabilities to enable Bharti to deliver telecommunications services, including real-time, transaction-oriented applications.

“India provides significant opportunities in both the fixed and mobile telecom segments. We see a strong fit for Tekelec in this dynamic market,” said Fred Lax, president and chief executive officer of Tekelec. “–Our signaling solution will enable Bharti to reliably and economically enhance both its network capacity and offerings, providing superior services to an increasing number of India’s telecom consumers.”

Tekelec: www.tekelec.com