Analyst firm IDC will present a roundtable discuss on the trends in the nmobile IT industry on March 23 at the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) forum on March 23.

Topics include the latest trends in WiFi, the impact and adoption of wireless services, as well as a question-and-answer session.
IDC panelists include:

  • Scott Ellison – Program Director, Wireless & Mobile Communications

  • Randy Giusto – Vice President, Personal Technology and Services

  • Shiv Bakhshi, Ph.D. – Research Manager, Wireless & Mobile Network Infrastructure

  • Allen Leibovitch – Research Manager, Semiconductors: Broadband & Wireless, Consumer Devices

  • Steve Drake – Program Manager, Mobile Infrastructure Software

  • Richard Dean – Program Director, Integration and Support Services

  • Elisabeth Rainge – Program Director, OSS & Billing

  • Sally Hudson – Research Manager, Mobile Security Software

  • Dana Thorat – Senior Analyst, Mobile User

  • Paolo Pescatore – Senior Research Analyst, European Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • Those attending the session also will receive a copy of IDC’s “Wireless and Where the Major Forces Are Moving It” report.