Caspian Networks says its innovative flow-state router, Apeiro, has successfully passed network testing by the Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

JITC test personnel subjected Caspian routers to performance and protocol conformance tests and confirmed interoperability with routers and optics from traditional vendors, as well as the suite of collaborative software and hardware used by the Defense Department known as the Defense Collaboration Tool Suite.

Caspian, which is based in San Jose and has offices in RTP, Minnesota, the UK and Asia, said its Apeiro routers met or exceeded the expectations of all tests.

“This testing affirms that Caspian’s hard quality of service guarantees don’t come at the expense of interoperability or performance–,” said Brad Wurtz, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Caspian. “Apeiro helps the U.S. government do new things previously impossible — at a wide range of network interface speeds.”

Caspian says its Apeiro is the first IP router to offer per-flow traffic policing, shaping and burst tolerance guarantees. Its microflow-level traffic intelligence enables real time voice and videoconferencing over IP, and other applications. Peer-to-peer traffic identification and control is also enabled by Apeiro’s flow-level intelligence.

This conformance and performance testing by JITC enables U.S. government and defense industry purchases of Caspian’s products. Other customers, including telecommunication service providers, also recognize JITC as a validation authority.