Computational Engineering International (CEI) has added support for the Macintosh OS X platform to its EnSight, EnSight Gold, EnLiten, EnVideo and EnVe visualization products.

EnSight and EnSight Gold are software for visualizing, analyzing and communicating computational results for automotive, aerospace, chemical and scientific visualization problems. EnLiten, EnVideo and EnVe are free software packages that provide a way to use EnSight animations for collaboration and communication.

CEI says it officially supports the Panther (10.3) version of Mac OS X, which includes support from Apple for X11 graphics.

The Apex-based company recommends that Jaguar (10.2) users upgrade to Panther for its software enhancements and improved X11 support. EnSight, EnSight Gold and EnLiten are currently X11-based applications. EnVideo and EnVe are already native Mac OS applications.