US LEC, a super-regional telecommunications carrier providing integrated voice, data and Internet services, has introduced Managed Router Service, a new offering designed to help customers better manage their IT infrastructure.

With Managed Router Service, customers can outsource the technical side of their network router selection, configuration, installation and management to US LEC.

The Charlotte-based company performs the ongoing support functions in the form of network monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades, off-site configuration back-ups and outage notifications.

“US LEC’s Managed Router Service is a true turnkey solution that offers comprehensive network management options and reduces the complexity of a customer’s networking environment,” said Jeff Blackey, senior vice president for US LEC. “From design and implementation to monitoring and maintenance, the simplicity and ease of use creates a stronger bond between US LEC and our customers by providing exceptional data products, expanding our range of data service options, and increasing our level of contact with them.”