Bloodhound Inc. has formed an agreement with Acclamation Systems Inc. (ASI) to provide technical integration for their respective services and applications to customers in the medical claims processing industry.

The two companies have also established co-marketing programs to help customers keep informed on how to prevent overpayment of claims while meeting the regulatory and contractual obligations for payment to providers.

ASI provides LuminX, an enterprise-wide, automated benefit management system designed for organizations with the responsibility of administering health care and other benefits.

The Pittsburgh-based company has created a technical interface to transfer claims information into Bloodhound’s operations for immediate processing. Claims are analyzed and edited for accuracy by the RTP-based firm and re-submitted to ASI’s LuminX system.

“We are extremely pleased that ASI and Bloodhound are working together to tackle the growing needs of payors for faster, more efficient, and more accurate claims payment,” said Bloodhound CEO Gary Twigg. “ASI is an excellent company and our claims editing service is now easily integrated.”

Bloodhound Inc.: