Auctionworks, a marketplace management services and software provider, has formed an alliance with Accenture to offer enterprise customers services for selling new, excess, end-of-life, and refurbished products on eBay.

“We are delighted that Accenture has formed an alliance with us to continue to offer leading-edge services to sell inventory on eBay,” said Alec Peters, founder and CEO of Auctionworks. “As one of the original providers of services and platforms to high-volume sellers on eBay, we have a significant track record and installed client base and are committed to delivering the most innovative and reliable e-commerce sales management platform available today.”

Customers currently using Accenture’s Connection to eBay service will be offered the opportunity to transition to Auctionworks, one of the largest providers of services to high-volume sellers on eBay.

Going forward, New York-based Accenture says it will offer inventory liquidation services to its clients through Auctionworks, which is located in Atlanta.

“While Connection to eBay has been successful in attracting mid- to large-sized companies to eBay, it is clear that scale and market share are also critical success factors in this evolving marketplace,” said Jack Wilson, chief executive of business process outsourcing for Accenture. “We are pleased to have formed an alliance with Auctionworks, an established and recognized leader in this space, and will offer Connection to eBay customers the opportunity to make a quick and easy transition to the Auctionworks service,”

Peters founded Auctionworks in 1999, and a year later, had recruited and signed 28 of the top 50 sellers on eBay in early 2000 to create “The Auctionworks Founders Club.”

Auctionworks now is fully localized for eBay sites in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company counts over 15 enterprise-level customers, including The Home Depot, Disney Auctions LLC, Olympus Camera and over 2,000 small and medium sized businesses as customers.

Privately funded Auctionworks most recently closed on a $2 million round in early 2003. Investors in the company include Dragonfly Capital of Charlotte and local angel investors.