Managed Internet security provider Secure Designs Inc. (SDI) says early results of its Firelan First Partner Program are promising.

The program enables computer networking companies, ISPs, and other digitally-based organizations to provide their customers with SDI’s award Firelan Internet security service.

“We looked at a wide range of partner programs and designed First Partner to be the best available,” said Larry Cecchini, vice president of marketing for SDI. “Our partners not only help protect their clients’ digital assets but make more money than if they sold the products themselves”.

Early on, Greensboro-based SDI attends all sales calls, making presentations and providing the expertise to answer any questions.

“Acceptance of the program has been great” said Ron Culler, chief operating officer of SDI. “Almost 100 percent of the people we have talked to have recognized the value of First Partner and we have been signing up new partners since inception. It’s working to build all the businesses involved.”