Dr. Khaled Harfoush has won a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to pursue peer-to-peer research.

Harfoush, an assistant professor of computer science at North Carolina State, received a Faculty Early Career Development Award, one of the top honors from NSF.

The grant is worth $408,894.

Harfoush is researching “New Directions in Managing Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems.” Peer-to-peer enables computer users to exchange resources and information.

“The key objective of this project is to address the challenges and opportunities that accompany the deployment of these systems, which are currently deployed on a limited scale and mostly for file-sharing applications,” NCSU said in a statement. “The primary focus will be on the design and implementation of robust network protocols that support new schemes for organizing structured P2P system resources, new strategies for locating and servicing these resources, and varied network measurement techniques for monitoring and optimizing the users’ experience. The final deliverable will be a publicly available prototype that will give researchers and students hands-on experience with new ideas in P2P technology.”

Harfoush, a native of Egypt, joined the NCSU faculty in 2002. He received undergraduate and master’s degrees in Egypt and a doctorate in computer science from Boston University.

NCSU: www.ncsu.edu