Most small businesses which are online do not understand the new CAN-SPAM federal legislation designed to control unwanted email called “spam,” according to a survey from Interland.

The survey, conducted last month, says that 62 percent of small business operators have either not heard about the legislation or do not know how it affects their businesses.

“The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is the nation’s first federal legislation regulating spam. Designed to curb offensive, misleading and costly bulk e-mail, the law criminalizes the act of sending commercial e-mail with falsified headers and has established new rules for e-mail marketing. In order to send legitimate commercial e-mails, it is imperative that small business owners review and follow the guidelines set forth in the CAN-SPAM Act,” Interland said in a statement.

Interland, a provider of web hosting and development services, is making available a guide to the new law.To get a copy, visit: