austriamicrosystems has unveiled the AS3603, which it says is an enhanced version of the company’s AS3601 power management platform.

“With the AS3603 power management IC, austriamicrosystems has set an industry benchmark in terms of functionality, flexibility and integration density for mobile devices,” said Alexander Harrer, senior vice president of Austrian firm’s communications business unit in Raleigh. “Because all of the parameters can be programmed via software, the AS3603 can be easily integrated within the architecture of virtually any system.”

The AS3603’s feature set includes a driver for white LEDs and a programmable audio amplifier for hands-free mobile phone applications. Mono to differential conversion of the audio signal also has been integrated into the AS3603.

The on-chip programmable battery charger, which supports all lithium-based and nickel-based batteries, provides functions including constant current, voltage and trickle charge.

Further features include top-off charging, by either pulse charging or constant voltage charging, detection of battery presence and bypassing the charge controller.

When used in cordless telephone designs, austriamicrosystems says the AS3603 enables the handset to be operated from the AC adapter without a battery.