Tranzyme Pharma and BD Technologies, a division of Becton, Dickinson said this morning that they are expanding their alliance in the search new drug discovery.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The companies have been working together since September of 2002 and say they have made progress in developing technology for drug discovery as well as cell and tissue engineering.

“We are pleased to expand our strategic alliance with BD and contribute to the development of novel products for drug discovery,” said Vipin K. Garg, president and chief executive officer of Tranzyme, in a statement. “Our partnership with BD will provide Tranzyme with access to new intellectual property resulting from the collaboration. Since our ultimate focus will be on our internal drug development programs, we look to BD as a partner for selling Tranzyme products into the pharmaceutical and biotech research markets.”

Tranzyme actually started as a tenant in BD’s BioVenture Incubator in August of 2002.

BD will provide research and development funding to Tranzyme for research using Tranzyme technology into certain cell types. If commercial products are developed, Tranzyme will receive royalties.
BD will also continue to use gene delivery and expression technology from Tranzyme.

“The partnership between BD and Tranzyme has been extremely productive. We have been impressed by the functional biology expertise and capabilities that Tranzyme brings to this R&D collaboration,” said Charles Goldstein, vice president of research and director of BD Technologies, in a statement. “The contributions from both sides have been synergistic probably in part due to the close working relationship that we establish with companies in the BD Incubator. We therefore anticipate good results from this expanded collaboration, which might lead to new drug discovery products that could be commercialized by BD.”

Tranzyme is focused on gastrointestinal disorders and diseases of the central nervous system. It has three potential drugs under development.