Sprint is working with LightSurf Technologies of Santa Cruz, CA, to launch North America’s first inter-operator picture messaging service for camera-phone users.

The two companies, together with Bell Mobility, say they are bringing picture sharing to North American camera phone users, allowing them to share between the United States and Canada.

“Sprint has enjoyed tremendous success with our Picture Mail product. In 2003, more than 66 million pictures were shared on our network,” said Jeff Hallock, vice president of consumer product marketing for Sprint. “This new agreement with Bell Mobility and LightSurf gives our customers another audience for sharing life as it happens.”

Currently, Sprint and Bell Mobility operate thriving nationwide picture messaging services built on LightSurf’s Open Standards MMS Platform, which supports features like online albums, picture frames, enhancements, self-playing slideshows and more.

Sprint: www.sprint.com