Serenus Technology Group has completed a development project for RedPelican, helping the new firm bring its first product to market.

In early 2003, the founders of Durham-based RedPelican partnered with Serenus to develop a product. RedPelican says the Serenus design-goal transfer methodology and development model helped the company bring its marketing communications software product, InFlight, to market on time and on budget.

“We decided to outsource our product development because of the significant economic efficiencies the Serenus model offered,” explained Sean Pan, chief executive/technology officer and co-founder of RedPelican. “We naturally turned to them because of our past experience with the team’s proven track record and its partnering mentality. We believed they would be able to deliver on their proposal and help us translate the design goal document of my product vision into bullet-proof executable code. They exceeded our every expectation.

In helping companies like RedPelican, members of the Serenus group actually become project-based extensions of the client’s technology team; in RedPelican’s case, both strategically and tactically.

Serenus’ own founder and CEO, Timothy Hess, served in the capacity of CTO of RedPelican to finalize the product strategy and design goal specifications, while other members served as the company’s development team to generate the user interface and underlying executable code.

“Serenus believes in allowing clients to leverage our expertise, experience and infrastructure, while maintaining their own corporate culture and technological autonomy,” explained Hess. “Clients can choose to leverage Serenus as much or as little as they want to, depending on their own unique needs.”