Bloodhound says it has made enhancement with MediRegs to its ClaimsGuard Compliance Portal in an effort to meet the needs of managed healthcare organizations and other private insurers.

With new integrated access to MediRegs’ 2,000 different databases of regulatory, reimbursement and compliance information, Bloodhound customers can now track individual claims and edits with associated industry defense sources from a single online tool.

Bloodhound says its Compliance Portal was designed to offer customers specialized views of the information depending on the requirements of the user. For example, coders can see one category of information while compliance officers can track defense sources in an access tool.

“This exclusive agreement and integration positions us well for supplying the right tools for an industry changed by recent legal and regulatory decisions,” explained Gary Twigg, chief executive officer of Bloodhound. “Our customers look to Bloodhound for innovation. By leveraging the strength of Mediregs resources, we can offer the market new ways to increase the validity of claims editing and related compliance decisions.”