Sprint and palmOne have signed an agreement to develop end-to-end mobile enterprise solutions targeted at healthcare organizations.

Under terms of the agreement, the companies will use the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, the PCS Vision Smart Device Treo 600 by palmOne and a portfolio of third-party applications to market solutions to mobilize healthcare processes.

“The healthcare industry is a key focus for Sprint and beneficiary of an integrated portfolio of wireless and wireline solutions designed to help healthcare providers deliver high-quality patient care while streamlining processes and controlling costs,” said Jennifer Johnson, director of healthcare marketing for Sprint Business Solutions. “Sprint is pleased to team with palmOne to deliver flexible and dependable mobile solutions that will help healthcare providers achieve that objective.”

Initially Sprint and palmOne will provide healthcare organizations with joint offers focused on mobilizing patient records and providing access to critical patient information. Using these mobile solutions, caregivers will be able to access, track and record patient information at the point of care.

Sprint: www.sprint.com

palmOne: www.palmone.com