N.C. State University and the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill are coming together to create a joint department of biomedical engineering.

The new department will integrate resources from UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine and N.C. State’s College of Engineering. Both launched a joint graduate program last fall offering doctoral and master of science degrees in biomedical engineering.

The new department will also offer bachelor degrees in biomedical engineering. Graduates will receive diplomas showing both university seals.

Biomedical engineering stresses the application of science and engineering, mathematical analysis and computer techniques to biomedical health. Research areas range from increasing the durability and biocompatibility of artificial joints to designing injectable biosensors that help guide cancer therapies.

“This joint department will give faculties at both universities the opportunity to apply cutting-edge advances in engineering, including new materials and nanotechnology, to biomedical problems,” said William Marzluff, executive associate dean for research at UNC-Chapel Hill’s medical school.

Troy Nagle, a professor of biomedical engineering at N.C. State in Raleigh, was appointed chairman of the new department effective Feb. 1.

“This combination of a world-class medical school and a top-ranked college of engineering,” said Nagle, “will allow our students to take advantage of the best expertise and courses on both campuses.”

N.C. State: www.ncstate.edu

UNC-Chapel Hill: www.unc.edu