Ping Fu, president and chief executive officer of Raindrop Geomagic, has been selected by Fast Company as a Fast 50 winner in the magazine’s third annual reader’s challenge.

The award, given to 50 individuals from 1,650 entries worldwide, recognizes the “doers and the dreamers, the truth tellers and the trendsetters,” according to an article in the February issue of Fast Company.

Fu co-founded RTP-based Raindrop Geomagic in 1996 with Herbert Edelsbrunner. The firm’s products enable designers and engineers to capture scan data from physical parts and create digital models.

In early 2001, Fu took over as president and CEO of Raindrop Geomagic, initiating a set of corporate changes that she says jump-started product sales and reduced costs.

“I share this award with all those at Raindrop Geomagic who have dedicated their minds and hearts to making the company a success, and to my family for its support,” Fu said in a statement. “Last year was the best in the company’s history, but it is only a small indicator of what we can do in the future.”

Raindrop Geomagic: