Porticos, a mechanical design and product development services firm, was recently selected to create the mechanical design for a next generation mobile phone for Sony Ericsson.

Financial terms of the contract were not released.

Jonathan DeLine, the president of RTP-based Porticos, says the Sony Ericcson deal is a major win for the up-and-coming company.

“This is a good example of how our strong mechanical design and innovative problem solving can help corporations make and save money through the design process,” says DeLine. “A corporation like Sony Ericsson can take on additional projects that run concurrently with existing mobile phone projects, allowing them to introduce a broader mobile phone portfolio without incurring the cost associated with hiring long term resources.”

The company takes its name from “portico”, which means a porch, passageway, or entrance to a structure, supported by regularly spaced columns.

All five of its senior executives once worked for Sony Ericsson.

The contract Porticos has with Sony Ericsson began in late 2003, shortly after the company was founded. Deliverables from the contract will last throughout 2004.

“Porticos was selected based on their strong track record and experience in delivering quality mechanical solutions for high-tech products like mobile phones,” Mark Weadon, manager of Sony Ericsson’s platform development team, said. “They have a history of delivering designs that meet our stringent performance requirements without compromising the look, shape, or feel of the phone.”

Sony Ericsson was established in 2001 by Swedish firm Ericsson and Sony Corp. The joint company’s management is based in London, and has 4,000 employees across the globe, including RTP, working on research, development, design, sales, marketing, distribution and support.

Porticos: www.porticos.net

Sony Ericsson: www.sonyericsson.com