2ThumbZ Entertainment, a leading of an online portal of mobile games, wallpapers and ringtones, says it has signed deals that will bring its content to over 300 million wireless subscribers around the world.

The deals are for distribution of 2ThumbZ content to wireless carriers, including MMo2, the mobile division of British Telecom; the two largest in China; those in India; one of the largest Canada-based companies; along with a number of North American and Latin American carriers, such as Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, and Telefonica.

RTP-based 2ThumbZ says it has entered into these content partnerships providing mobile content that are available only to its customers.

“2ThumbZ is making gaming and wireless entertainment and education fun for users throughout the world,” said Mark Baric, chairman and CEO of 2ThumbZ. “Content is as important for wireless devices today as it was for web sites five years ago. 2ThumbZ is poised to deliver a large inventory of games, productivity applications, wallpapers and ringtones to hundreds of millions worldwide.”

Before helping launch 2ThumbZ, Baric served as chairman and CEO of Virtus Entertainment and was a co-founder of three entertainment companies including, Red Storm Entertainment, founded with Tom Clancy, and Timeline Computer Entertainment, founded with Michael Crichton.

2ThumbZ: 2thumbz.com