The University of North Carolina (UNC) Health Care System has chosen to standardize its operations on thin client appliances from King of Prussia, PA-based Neoware Systems.

Thin clients are small devices that replace desktop and laptop computers for easy, low-cost access to the Internet and most applications.

UNC Health Care is replacing its PC network with thin client appliances from Neoware on software at nurses’ stations, emergency rooms, patient care areas, clinics and doctor’s offices throughout the health care system, which serves Chapel Hill and the surrounding communities.

The decision to deploy Neoware thin client appliances was made after an initial implementation throughout emergency rooms in the UNC Health Care System, according to officials.

“Thin client appliances allow our health care professionals to focus more time and resources on patient care rather than technology,” said Art Duncan, manager of end user services for UNC Health Care. “With PCs, our health care staff was constantly contending with technology downtime and requesting tech support help. The ease-of-use and centralized administration of Neoware thin client appliances allow us to better serve our patients. At the same time, we’re saving money and supporting our nurses and doctors with an advanced and secure computing solution.”

In addition, thin clients have a long lifespan and provide UNC Health Care System the security required by federally mandated HIPAA standards for protecting patient privacy.

“Health care is a tough environment for computing workstations, complicated by constant demand from multiple users,” said Duncan. “The expectation is 100 percent reliability. Neoware thin client appliances have no moving parts to break down and our ability to control the desktop from a centralized administrator provides a consistent user experience, increasing software reliability and eliminating confusion. At the same time, the ‘always-on’ functionality of Neoware’s thin client appliances means that doctors and nurses are just keystrokes away from lifesaving information.”

UNC Health Care purchased Neoware’s thin client appliances through IBM, which sells Neoware products as part of a strategic sales and marketing alliance between the two companies.


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