AirDefense, which says it has passed a major milestone with over 200 enterprise networks deployed, has released its 4.0 software version to the marketplace.

“Enterprises are looking for a purpose built security and management solution that will allow them to control the uncontrollable medium of air, and thereby harness all the productivity benefits of WLAN–,” said AirDefense CEO Anil Khatod. “–With the enhanced capabilities of 4.0, we are finding customers now deploying the AirDefense system prior to their WLAN infrastructure in order to clean up the air space, then define the right deployment policies.”

The AirDefense 4.0 security and monitoring system is built around patent-pending technology that incorporates distributed smart sensors and a server appliance. The remote sensors continuously monitor all wireless LAN activities and communicate with the server appliance, which then correlates and analyzes the data to provide scalable, centralized management of security, policy enforcement and overall operational support of the wireless LAN.