Prompt Ambulance Service, based in Indiana, will use Mobile Reach International’s Mobile IT Manager solution as part of an effort to improve emergency care, the companies said Tuesday.

Prompt Ambulance is a large regional medical services provider in northwest Indiana.

“Mobile Reach International has provided us with the guidance and knowledge to strategically invest in a proper IT solution to embrace the technologies which improves the care we provide our patients, more importantly than our bottom line,” said Jerry Miller, chief operations officer for Prompt Ambulance Service, in a statement.
Other services to be provided later is computer aided dispatch and global positioning service tracking.

“We continue to present solutions to our customers’ that solve business processes,” said Michael Hewitt, chief executive officer of Mobile Reach. “I believe our Mobile IT Management Solution is an important first step in mobilizing business processes. Prompt Ambulance Service is making the commitment to invest in technology to improve the care they provide their patients.”

Mobile Reach also is “in the midst of key conversations with several different organizations that support or are a direct part of the health care industry”, according to Aaron East, director of business development.

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