Global Software, a provider of real-time spreadsheet financial and enterprise data analytics tools, has signed a reseller agreement for its Global Data Analytic Suite with Portolan Commerce Solutions, a member of Wuerth Group.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Ilsfeld, Germany-based Portolan is permitted to resell the licensing of the Global Data Analytic Suite, which is comprised of the the Spreadsheet Server, Executive DASH, Budget Manager, and Cost Analyzer for BPCS package in its designated territories in Europe.

Portolan will also provide consulting/installation application and technical services in addition to providing its newly signed customers with support of the software. The German firm has customer representation in over 50 countries.

“We are looking forward to sharing successes in the future with such a well-respected international player in the industry as Portolan Commerce Solutions,” stated Spencer Kupferman, Global Software’s vice president of corporate affairs. “Global is viewed widely as a software company that has transcended financial/enterprise reporting with static data to executing reports in a real-time environment–. Portolan Commerce Solutions realizes the significant benefits that will be afforded to their customers by supplying our solutions to them.”

Global Software: