ActivBiotics has struck a deal with RTP-based Synthematix to use its cheminformatics software known as Arthur Suite.

“ActivBiotics is a rapidly growing company with significant expertise in drug discovery and development,” said Steve Jones, chief executive officer of Synthematix. “The Arthur Suite will help leverage their intellectual property and discovery expertise which will minimize time-to-market and maximize commercial value.”

ActivBiotics, which is based in Lexington, MA, said it will use the system in development of antibacterials to treat acute and chronic infections.

“Synthematix’s Arthur Suite is at the forefront of the new generation of cheminformatics software that will help spur innovation and promote knowledge retention in chemical discovery,” said Arthur Michaelis, Ph.D., senior vice president of Therapeutics at ActivBiotics. “It’s important to equip our chemists with the best informatics products and the Arthur Suite is a key part of our platform.”