RTP-TV has added a new series called “Carolina Road Trips” to its lineup of online television programs.

In this new show, RTP-TV says host Allan Smith visits various “cool places” in North Carolina.

The first stop is Belhaven, a coastal village in the eastern part of the state. Smith takes a look at the waterway that passes through town and spends the night at a historic inn.

RTP-TV says Smith also visits a “quirky” old museum in Belhaven with 30,000 buttons, preserved cats with 2 heads, old Civil War relics, antique cameras, and more.

To wrap up the fist edition of “Carolina Road Trips” in Belhaven, Smith will take a tour of a local wine shop and tastes local wines.

The show is currently available for viewing on the RTP-TV website.

RTP-TV: www.rtptv.com