British firm Ozonelink is planning to hold a local summit that will focus on technology and its application to Homeland Security.

Slated for July 26-27 in Sheraton Imperial in RTP, the Homeland Security Technology Summit will bring together experts from the international private and public sectors. Delegates will comprise 500 to 700 leaders from government, business, and academia, including business executives, government officials, security and defense specialists and venture capitalists.

Topics will include understanding the key Homeland Security issues facing public and private sectors and establishing what can and should be done to address these challenges in a practical, cost effective, and timely manner.

Delegates will explore a range of existing and new technologies that can enable Homeland Security solutions. Demos will be available and several new technologies will be unveiled for the first time.

Also planned is a roadmap for technologies which will be required to be developed. Attendees will discuss how to build a collaborative framework between the private and public sectors to jointly create, design, implement, and rollout Homeland Security solutions;

Ozonelink, a London-based high-tech defense and resilience management system firm, will announce speakers and further details for the RTP summit closer to the time of the event on its website.