IBM says it has unveiled a new IT service that is based on a hybrid outsourcing model known as Universal Management Infrastructure (UMI).

As a part of the service, IBM remotely automates, manages and supports a customer’s multi-platform data center, while the customer retains all IT systems and staff. It is designed for cost management of data centers.

The UMI model that the new service is based on is an IT framework created by the IBM Global Services e-Technology Center. The same technologies are already being used by IT outsourcing clients to allow an environment in which IBM takes responsibility for equipment, software and staff.

“Our on demand strategy is driving change in IBM,” said Richard Horton, general manager of strategic outsourcing for IBM Global Services. “We are capturing the know-how we’ve built up from more than a decade of IT outsourcing experience, and combining it with new technology and a pipeline of innovation from IBM Research into new services that help clients transform their business.”