Indus International, a provider of service delivery management solutions, has reorganized its product development and customer service divisions to as part of a new initiative to help the company focus on its clients.

The reorganization is designed to improve the company’s responsiveness to customer needs, it says, in the development of customer information systems/customer relationship management, enterprise asset management and workforce management applications and services.

As part of the reorganization, Indus has combined its separate product development teams into a single organization and merged that group with the Customer Service Division to form the Global Development and Client Services (GDCS) group. The company has placed the responsibility for developing strategy and vision for these products into a separate and independent Product Strategy organization.

“Indus believes that keeping our clients more than just satisfied, keeping them loyal, is the key to our future success,” said Indus Vice President of GDCS Ancel Hamilton, who leads the newly combined organization. “Combining our product development and customer service organizations will help build and maintain customer loyalty by enabling a more direct link between customer needs and product features, thereby enhancing both product quality and customer service–.”

To further facilitate communication between the customer service and product development disciplines, Indus says it added a new group of “customer advocates” to the GDCS organization. Headed by Debbie Edens, senior director of Global Client Services, customer advocates provide internal communication channel between Indus’ customers and their related product development teams.

This reorganization is a part of a new focus on customers at Indus, the company says, as reflected by the Indus Service Select initiative. This initiative offers performance improvement programs to help Indus clients.