Time Warner (TW) Telecom has won a three-year contract to install Switched Native (SN) LAN services to provide secure data service connectivity to Landacorp.

Based in Raleigh, Landacorp provides population health management solutions to health plans and healthcare delivery organizations.

“Health care companies like Landacorp have significant secure data transfer requirements,” said Scott Larsen, general manager for TW Telecom in Raleigh. “Landacorp can better leverage the — service pipes they contracted for by using our unique managed bandwidth and port bundling capabilities. This allows the grouping of multiple Ethernet ports into a single logical transmission path–.”

Landacorp, which provides a technology-driven disease management program, is using TW Telecom’s SN LAN service to link its headquarters location with its offsite data center hosted at Inflow’s facility in Durham. Landacorp’s Oracle database applications, web service servers and interactive voice response (IVR) phone survey servers require high bandwidth to transfer large files.

Jim Keller, telephony and IVR administrator at Landacorp, said, “Competing vendors would have charged us double and triple the costs we’re paying,” referring to Time Warner Telecom’s SN LAN service.

TW Telecom: www.twtelecom.com

Landacorp: www.landacorp.com