Movaz Networks, an optical networking solutions provider, has reached a multi-year Global Master Purchase Agreement with MCI.

The deal enables MCI to procure and deploy next generation optical transport solutions from Atlanta-based Movaz. MCI began field deployment of the Movaz RAY product suite in 2002 after testing through its lab standardization process.

Today, Movaz says its optical systems aid MCI in carrying live traffic in major metropolitan regions for a variety of applications, including carrier-to-carrier, enterprise and core infrastructure applications.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by MCI as an established supplier. This is a tremendous endorsement of not only the Movaz products, but also of our execution in serving our customers,” said Bijan Khosravi, chairman and CEO of Movaz. “The emphasis we have placed on quality, which shines through our design, development and manufacturing operations, has enabled us to pass MCI’s most stringent network deployment standards. With universal fit for a multitude of applications in MCI’s global network, opportunities abound as we continue to ramp up this engagement.”