Reflex Security, a provider of intrusion detection and prevention security software, has released version 4.0 of its Interceptor technology.

Version 4.0 has the capability to create a secure support tunnel between the client’s environment and Reflex’s support organization, the company says.

Reflex says it also has made enhancements to its reporting generator, to the Intelligent Threat Analysis Engines, to data aggregation capabilities and to data correlation capabilities within the Interceptor Management Console.

The automated signature update process, with the addition of a GUI-based signature editor, will enable users to view and manipulate signatures within their network environment, adds Reflex.

“We continue to respond aggressively to requests for technology enhancements and advanced capabilities from our customer base,” said Hezi Mualem, founder and chief technology officer of Reflex Security. “The release of version 4.0 allows us to provide greater value to our customers while delivering superior functionality. This expanded capability also demonstrates the ever-widening gap between our patent-pending technologies compared to other products in the marketplace.”

Reflex Security: