Interactive Multimedia Solutions (IMS), a provider of voice-to-animation solutions for the multimedia market, has reached a deal with Sivox Technologies of Lombard, IL.

Sivox has licensed the IMS CharacterGenerator Multimedia Developers Kit (MDK) for inclusion in its RealCall simulation tools, bringing the real-time coach to life.

“Having Sivox as a customer is great for us given their growing presence in the interactive learning market” says Donovan Moxey, founder and chief executive officer of IMS. “I have always known that talking characters would be important in interactive learning, and it’s great to see our technology used to help train call center, and other professionals.”

IMS CharacterGenerator MDK allows developers to incorporate interactive talking character functionality as part of any application that utilizes the Macromedia Director environment, in particular Shockwave, as its rendering environment. The MDK allows the user to create talking character interfaces for a web site, or a virtual instructor or host in an eLearning application.