David Clarke, a program manager and senior human factors engineer with HumanCentric Technologies, will address the E-Gov Institute’s 4th Annual Conference in Washington, DC, on Feb. 4.

The two-day conference takes place at the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center. Clarke will address the topic of “Leveraging Customer Insight for Citizen-Centric Applications.”

“User-centered design is a critical focus for the online industry in general, and especially for complex government systems,” said Clarke. “If we are to significantly improve accessibility to information and services, we must discover the strategies and applications available to help overcome the challenges. Iterative design, incorporating the voice of the customer, has been shown to be very effective in developing user interfaces that are easy to use and that instill confidence in the end user.”

HumanCentric Technologies is a design research and product development company in Cary that partners with clients to develop products and services, including human factors, industrial design and graphic design.

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