A new study from research and consulting firm Best Practices LLC profiles what it calls “cutting-edge” supply chain management practices employed by top manufacturing organizations.

Best Practices says the study, titled “Supply Chain Management Best Practices,” reveals how companies use Internet software programs to monitor remote factory operations and resolve problems in real time.

For example, the report looks at one high-tech firm that uses a real-time diagnostic system to reduce down time by allowing engineers to spot bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems. Another manufacturing company integrated supply chain software, which allowed more efficiency in tracking inventory and anticipating surges in demand.

Drawn from executive interviews, surveys and research with more than 100 companies, Best Practices says its report also includes supply chain management practices and performance metrics, including:

-Delivery Performance Metrics, including on-time delivery, performance to commit, fill rate, and return rates
-Cycle Time Metrics, including promised lead time, actual lead time, and supply chain cycle time
-Inventory and Cash Management Metrics, including inventory days of supply, days sales outstanding, days payables outstanding, and cash-to-cash conversion
-Supply Chain Cost Metrics, including overall supply chain costs, order management costs, inventory carrying costs, supply chain finance and planning costs, supply chain IT costs, and procurement department staffing costs

Best Practices: www.best-in-class.com