eLearning Dynamics has developed a new software program that it says will help universities and companies teach via personal digital assistant devices.

The new product, LearnTracfx, will be released March 8 at wireless computer industry events nationally.

“LearnTracfx represents a significant new revenue stream for eLearning Dynamics,” said Chase Weir, founder and chairman of the UNC-Greensboro (UNCG) spin-off. “This is the first plug-and-play strategy, with others to follow.”

Weir founded eLearning Dynamics in Greensboro and eventually moved the startup to Washington, DC, but continues to develop the company’s wireless technology products through both UNCG and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

If eLearning Dynamics can obtain additional investment and customers, Wier says he will move it back to the Triad.

eLearning Dynamics: www.elearningdynamics.com