SourceKit, a provider of custom web software and services, is teaming up with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) to promote the upcoming Growth Strategy Seminar Series.

The two parties will co-promote the event using SourceKit’s e-mail marketing platform called PRO. Using this platform, the CED will be able to track delivery, open and click-thru rates for each mailing, and to alter its messages in order to increase the response rates of recipients.

“The e-mail marketing system also gives the CED the ability to subdivide each list into and even smaller list, based on demographics, and to handle unsubscribe requests,” said Drew Adams, president of SourceKit. “We are looking forward to partnering our e-mail marketing solution with the largest entrepreneurial development organization in the U.S.”

The Growth Strategy Seminar Series is a joint program presented by the CED and the University of North Carolina Executive Education program. This series, which runs from March through July 2004, will take place once a month in five all day sessions.

“SourceKit’s e-mail marketing platform will give us the ability to track the effectiveness of our campaigns in depth,” said Tracy Harris, the vice president of conferences and business development for the CED. “We look forward to adding this new dimension to the marketing mix.”

Based in Hillsborough, northwest of RTP, SourceKit provides a web-based e-mail marketing platform, search engine optimization, conversion tracking, content management systems, online credit card processing systems and web services development.