Southern LINC, the wireless communications service from Southern Company, will provide the state of Georgia with a communications solution for handling bioterrorism and public health emergencies.

As part of this plan, Atlanta-based Southern LINC will issue a total of 701 handsets as well as 169 hard install car kits, which will be used to create communication base stations.

This communications solution will equip every county in the state of Georgia with two handsets, each public health district office with seven handsets, a handset for 148 hospitals throughout the state, as well as select state EMS personnel and Department of Human Resources (DHR)/Division of Public Health officials.

The DHR, through a grant provided by the Office of Domestic Preparedness, is paying for one handset to be sent to each of the 148 hospitals across the state. The rest of the equipment and service contracts are paid for, in part, through DHR/Division of Public Health.

The main feature of the handsets is the Instant LINC two-way radio. By using Instant LINC, a user can talk via two-way radio either one-to-one, or to an entire group.

“We are honored that the state of Georgia has chosen Southern LINC to be the provider of such a vital communications solution,” said Bob Dawson, president and CEO of Southern LINC. “Because we focus on contiguous coverage throughout the Southeast, Southern LINC’s network is ideal to offer truly reliable service to hospitals across Georgia and the DHR.”

Southern LINC: